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A Northern Thai Culture & Meditation Retreat

Experience awe-inspiring Chiang Mai and go deeper into your practices of meditation and yoga. Chiang Mai, referred to as "Old City," is approximately one square mile yet is home to over 100 temples. This town attracts artists, nature enthusiasts, and elephant lovers, but upon arrival, one can't help becoming curious about the Buddhist technique of meditation. Our retreat is crafted to unveil insights, fostering a sense of whole-hearted presence and contentment. Join us on this extraordinary adventure to deepen your practices and discover the cultural beauty of Chiang Mai.

***Proceed with caution! This trip will have several experiences that take your breath away and make you feel the ineffable. You might find yourself saying words like "magical" and "breathtaking" more than you are used to.

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  • Daily meditation, journaling, & contemplation practices

  • Meditative & breath-centered yoga most days

  • Wim Hof style breathwork most days

  • Practical mindfulness workshops

  • 2x 60 minute massages

  • Elephant sanctuary visit

  • Local guide

  • Half day meditation retreat with local monk

  • 4 meals included

  • 7 nights at Away Chiang Mai Thapae Gate Resort 4 star resort

  • Breathtaking hikes

  • Noble silence periods

  • ...and so much more

To be clear, this is NOT a yoga retreat.

It is a practical mindfulness, insight meditation, & cultural immersion.

There will be some asana (yoga postures) but my hope is to bring you to places where you experience the ineffable and are called to sit in silence and journey inward.


Early-bird pricing until Wed, July 31st:


Retreat investment:


Shared room:


$321 Non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot

Remaining balance due by Mon, Sept 30th​

buddha statue

why Chiang Mai?

My wish for this retreat is to share a taste of why Chiang Mai has captured my heart. From breathtaking hikes and awe inspiring temples, to Buddhist philosophy and massages galore! When we take a step back from our day-to-day lives and visit a new place, (especially one so far from home), the experience helps to interrupt the momentum of our habit energies, autopilot way of thinking, and stretches our mind and fosters deeper insights.


This step back, stretching of the mind, and relaxation give us glimpses of insight/“a-ha” moments that we might not be able to experience amidst the routines of our lives back home. The origins of the word insight from Middle English, can be seen as “sight with the eyes of the mind,” or wisdom.


The word retreat stems from the latin word “retrahere” which means to pull back. My hopes for this retreat are to take us out of our familiar patterns in order to shift our perspective.


Through this “Journey of Insight” I wish to share cultural experiences with a local’s perspective, practices that help us train our mind and awareness to make space for insights to arise, and experiences in nature that give us pause, with moments of awe, that spark our deeper essence.









I loved the meditation retreat with Franci in Chiang Mai. It was my first time to Thailand. Franci is very passionate about Thailand, the culture, Buddhism and the temples and that shines through everyday. We did a lot of meditation in a variety of modes and in a variety of places. Much of what we did, I would not have done on my own with the way I usually travel and I was glad to experience it.


Download Printable Retreat Outline & FAQs

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asked questions

What airport should I fly into?

  • Fly to BKK (Bangkok) and then purchase separate flight to CNX (Chiang Mai) if you would like the most economical option.

    • Be careful to book your in country flight to CNX from BKK airport as there are 2 airports in Bangkok​

How much time should I allow between my flight from BKK to CNX?

  • Allow for a minimum of 1 hr between your flight from BKK to CNX in case your connecting flights are delayed.

    • There is a massage space next to the Starbucks in the BKK airport and is the perfect place to wait for your next flight.​

Should I arrive on the 17th or can I come earlier?

  • Avoid jetlag and come a day (or two earlier) if you can.

    • I can reserve the same hotel or find you a more economical option if you are interested in coming early.

How should I pay my $321 deposit?

  • Scroll up to the "how to register" section and click on the "send deposit now" button.

  • If you prefer to use Paypal, send an email to for details on how to do that.

What should I pack?

At what time should my flight depart on the 24th?

  • We will have one final practice at 6:30am on the final day. You can opt out or try to reserve your flight after 10:30am.

How will I get from airport to the hotel?

  • A professional driver from the hotel will be at the airport waiting for you inside with your name on a sign and the name of the hotel.

  • I will text you a picture of the driver so you know who to look for.

How long does it take to get from the airport to the hotel?

  • About 20 minutes

  • Women need to cover their shoulders and knees inside of temples. Please bring lightweight clothes that cover both. I find it easiest to bring athleisure wear that is moisture wicking and ​lightweight scarf to throw over shoulders

  • Comfortable walking sandals or shoes. (I live in birkenstocks)

  • Thin jacket for early morning experiences.

  • Comfortable hiking shoes.

  • No need for professional hiking boots, but you will need slip resistant shoes for a few hikes.​

  • You can purchase bug repellant, sunscreen, and other basics in Thailand for a fraction of what you can get it in the states. KEEP YOUR BAG LIGHT and purchase these necessities upon arrival.

How do I get Thai currency?

  • As soon as you land, you can withdraw Thai Baht at one of the many ATMs.

    • Try to do this instead of wait until in Chiang Mai.​

  • There are several currency exchange locations sprinkled all around town and an ATM a 5 minute walk from our hotel​

Is Thailand safe?

  • No. And neither is Florida. If you are aware, purchase travelers insurance, and use intuition, that is the best you can do. 

    • This will be my 5th trip back to Thailand & Chiang Mai. Each of those times I have traveled on my own. Plan properly and stay safe! 

*The itinerary listed above is a guide to our experience and subject to change due to weather, flights, and/or other unforeseen circumstances.

Join us in Thailand!

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Thanks for submitting! To send the deposit, please scroll up to the "How to register" section and click on the link in that section in order to find payment app options. We will be reaching out soon with more information and FAQ's soon!

Send deposit

Once you have agreed to the terms & conditions by filling out the above form, you can send the $333 non-refundable deposit.

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