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Journeys of INsight Retreats

Your spirit of adventure awaits...

Take a step back, stretch your mind, and allow relaxation to create insight/“a-ha” moments that we might not be able to experience amidst the routines of our lives back home. The origins of the word insight from Middle English, can be seen as “sight with the eyes of the mind,” or wisdom.


The word retreat stems from the latin word “retrahere” which means to pull back. My hopes for this retreat are to take us out of our familiar patterns in order to shift our perspective.


Mountain Serenity

Rediscovering harmony with our true nature

Meditation | Yoga | Breathwork | Forest Bathing | Fresh/local/organic meals | Contemplative reflections/practices | Creative play | Cold plunge | Sauna | Waterfalls | Exploration of our true nature, and so much more!

A Northern Thai Culture & Meditation Immersion


8 days/7 nights |Meditation | breathwork | yoga | Exploration


Nourish your spirit of adventure through inward reflections and outward explorations

Immerse yourself in the exploration of ancient wisdom and discover practical ways to seamlessly integrate it into your everyday life while being inspired by the culture and awe-inspiring mountains surrounding the city.

  • Daily meditation, journaling, & contemplation practices

  • Meditative & breath-centered yoga most days

  • Wim Hof style breathwork most days

  • Practical mindfulness workshops

  • 2x 60 minute massages

  • Elephant sanctuary visit

  • Local guide

  • Half day meditation retreat with local monk

  • 4 meals included

  • 7 nights at Away Chiang Mai Thapae Gate Resort 4 star resort

  • Breathtaking hikes

  • Noble silence periods

  • ...and so much more




We are looking forward to being able to travel back to Dharamsala, be the first to know about future retreats or contact us for private retreats!

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