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 - journey to resilience 

an 8 week 


Science backed practical mindfulness tools that will help you find a deep sense of calm and inner joy. 

With all of the uncertainties as a global community, it is more important than ever to train our mind.

Learn and practice empowering tools that allow us to stay present and respond to stress instead of reacting.


Small groups with real time feedback support us in strengthening our will power with a practice as challenging as meditation. This is a safe space with no judgement or forced participation. 

6 Resilience tools

  • Gratitude - priming our awareness

  • Letting go - finding presence

  • Compassion - reducing our negativity bias 

  • The Breath - our nervous system

  • The Pause - activating our relaxation response

  • Expanding our window of tolerance - out of autopilot

What's included

  • 8 Live 45 minute calls ,Tues at 7:30am, covering new resilience topic & meditation 

  • Worksheet for each of the 6 topics

  • Classes recorded and emailed same day

  • Midway group check in

  • Sense of community & accountability


  • One 20 minute one on one check in

  • 8 live meditation and breath sessions every Fri at 7:30am (optional)

  • A 5, 10, & 15 minute prerecorded guided meditations

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Now is the time

We CAN choose to start training our mind and become more resilient to stress. "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." 

Schedule & Detailed topics

Introduction - Science of creating new habits and sticking to them!



In order to begin feeling less reactive, it is crucial that we begin to intentionally gladden the mind. Learn to embody the felt experience of gratitude in order to offset some of the residual effects of too much stress on our body and mind.

Letting Go - Presence

Letting go of the constant narrative in our mind and finding presence is an essential component of any meditation practice. Once we begin the process of letting go, we begin rewiring our brain and discover we can choose what thoughts will be prioritized.


Once we become more intentional about experiencing moments of compassion, this opens the door to facing our discomforts with more ease. Since "what we resist persists," the program will share tools that strengthen our compassion toward ourselves and others in order to feel more empowered when we meet our challenges.

The Breath & midway check in

Our ability to "bounce back" from challenges can be directly influenced by manipulating our breathing. You will learn to harness the breath in order to find a sense of balance. This will also be an opportunity to share any successes, roadblocks, or questions you might be having during the program.

The Pause 

Tired of reacting and regretting what you do or say? Learn to "create more space between stimulus and your response."

Resilience - Expanding our window of tolerance 

Stress in not the problem, how we react to stress is the problem. Learn more practical ways of activating your relaxation response in order to feel more resilient to stress.

Wrap up!

additional 20 minute meditation & breath class every friday

Additional Programs & Offerings


Virtual Mindfulness Community Membership &

Drop Ins

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Introduction to Resilience

A weekend immersion to learning the science of training our awareness and breathing to feel more resilient to stress.

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